Thursday, 1 January 2009

Unlucky Fried Kitten...The Barge..Oxjam

The 1967 night at The Barge…Layfield Road in Gillingham.

Andy Export of Unlucky Fried Kitten will be performing at this evening to honour the (mostly) psychedelic sounds of 1967. Come along on January 17th…a 1967 Saturday to remember. Andy will be Syd Barrett…for his own pleasure more than for anybody elses…probably. Line-Up is as follows:

The Acquitaine Progression

Dave Arnold & Dave Read

Bender Crack Corn

Glenn Barnes - Didi Bergman

The Bresslaws - Simon Bunyan

Bob Collins - The Deccas

Phil Dillon - Kris Dollimore

The Effectives - The Flowing

Justin Fun - Ben Jones

Dan Lawrence - Chris Moffett

Slap Alice - Stuart Turner

Unlucky Fried Kitten

Andy White

Come along and have a psyched out 1967 in this charming and welcoming venue.

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The 1967 night is for OxJam..and was organised by Medway conjunction with Phil Dillon and Lisa Dillon.