Sunday, 10 October 2010


Here's the letter Unlucky Fried Kitten wrote to Flair plc

In October 2010 Unlucky Fried Kitten came up with their new venture called Emo Plasticine. The plan is to make Plasticine in black, white and red colours and develop it for the goth/emo/scene/horror market.
The plot was hatched due to an unusual Unlucky Fried Kitten-related story which explains where the term 'emotional plasticine' came from. The link to the story is here below...but's the suggestion letter to Flair plc...the company behind Plasticine.
My band have this song called Emo Plasticine and we have a wonderful little story that goes with it. It's the really strange story that goes behind the inspiration for the song. It would be great if you could take a look/have a listen...but I do WARN you that there is SWEARING in the song. Sorry...ha ha.
Now...if you would like to use the song for advertising...we could easily re-write and re-record it...and you could have some cool little gothy-emo animation with it. Just let us know. I think it would open up a whole new world for the 'healing powers' of Plasticine!!!
Think what the Meerkats did for comparethemarket etc ;-)
Thanks...our band is called Unlucky Fried Kitten and we'd happily be the models for your advert. We are just a it would be nice and easy.
Thank You for your time....and we look forward to working with you. I can even write Plasticine...The Musical !!!
It would be awesome
Andy Fraser
Unlucky Fried Kitten

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